YORSAY Codes of Conduct

Code of Conduct

We provide a go to destination for both external and internal customers who have an opinion and something to say about your business.

To encourage this exchange we consider that the anonymity of the customer, if chosen, is a vital part of our service. Therefore, as detailed in the standard terms and conditions,please take note of the following

1) We will not disclose details of the author unless we have their express permission and agreement.*

2) The YORSAY service strictly prohibits the use of our service for marketing purposes.

3) We will not filter any of the detail.

4) Any comment of a violent or abusive nature will not be tolerated. Discussions will be terminated and if necessary reported to a relevant authority.

5) No comments made by either the author or customer will be reproduced by YORSAY.*

6) Our role is primarily as a communication facilitator, not as an arbitrator.

Our aim is to provide another channel of communication for business to talk to its customers, employees and suppliers.


*Unless we have a legal obligation under UK law to do so.

Full Terms and Conditions of use are available upon request and by accepting our Code of Conduct we assume you are happy to abide by them.

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