YORSAY for your Supplier

It is often forgotten that those who supply your business or organisation will have an opinion on how you operate, and how you compare to others.

As they are a supplier they will have a working relationship with you and a knowledge of what you do and how you do it.

Therefore suppliers are in an ideal situation to comment but may not want to express an opinion as they would not want to effect their trading or personal relationships.

This is where YORSAY can help.

The benefits of using Yorsay

1) Your supplier can use it anonymously, removing the concern of jeopardising existing relationships.

2) Suppliers can identify ways in which you can improve on what you do.

3) Suppliers may be able to identify new sales opportunities

4) Asking suppliers to comment helps build relationships.

5) It shows suppliers you are committed to improve the way your business or organisation operates.

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