YORSAY for your Employee

Yorsay provides your business or organisation a channel of communication for your employee. The majority of business appreciate the importance of a content and dedicated work force where feelings and thoughts are shared regularly . Our purpose is to provide a platform which will support and enhance the business / employee relationship, improving the workplace environment and encouraging innovation and improvement for all.

Yorsay removes barriers, it encourages people to speak out about what matters to them without concern.

Using the Yorsay service illustrates the importance you place in your employee well being to those not only within your business but externally as well. It demonstrates the type of culture you deem important.

How can Yorsay benefit your business or organisation?

  • You will be seen to take the thoughts and opinions of your colleagues seriously.
  • The use of YORSAY indicates the type of culture within a business or organisation.
  • It enables colleagues to ask questions that otherwise might not of been asked.
  • It enables you to gauge opinion about your business on a more regular basis rather than resorting to surveys.
  • You are able to encourage those who may feel more inhibited to participate.
  • Improvements in systems and procedures can be explored.
  • You can identify patterns and trends.
  • We provide a simple recognisable brand and an easy to use channel of communication.

Particular areas of business that could benefit

  • Health, Safety and Environment.
  • Employee well being
  • Corporate governance
  • Research and development
  • The bottom line

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