Fuel and LPG Services

I feel privileged to work with a group of able and talented individuals.

I hope that you feel you are able to raise any issues, thoughts or feelings you may have about the workplace, but appreciate that this might not always be the case.

I am going to update this page on a regular basis and mention topics of the moment, this time it is mental health.

There is a stigma surrounding mental health issues, often employee's do not want to come forward and discuss. This is a mistake and I want to assure you that we as a company do recognise and want to support anyone who is being affected. If you do not want to speak directly to your line manager please get in contact through YORSAY so that we can help.

The YORSAY page is here for you to use about any other topic also, when you feel you cannot talk to someone directly.

I appreciate your help in making Fuel and LPG Services a better place to work.

Steve Richardson



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