We at YORSAY want to help improve the communication between companies / organisations and their employee's or stakeholders they work and deal with.

A great deal of time, effort and resource is spent on finding out what the external customer thinks or feels but often internally we use feedback forms, surveys or rely on management structures to facilitate feedback. We provide another way for our most important and expensive asset to communicate with business and organisations.

Who employs YORSAY ?

Any business or organisation that can answer yes to all or at least one of the following statements.

  • We take issues such as employee / stakeholder satisfaction and well being seriously.
  • We are concerned about our general impact on the enviroment around us.
  • We value our relationships with employee's / stakeholders and the world around them.
  • We want to encourage innovation.
  • We want to manage hidden agenda's and resistance to change.
  • We recognise and understand there may be knowledge gaps within the business and want to help ensure people have the right training and support to develop.
  • We appreciate that sometimes situations arise that people find difficult to raise on a face to face basis.
  • We want to improve the support we give to our employee's / stakeholders.

The YORSAY Purpose

  • To provide a channel of communication that can be used anonymously by all, without a subscription.
  • To make it simpler for everyone to have their say.
  • To ensure comments are sent to people within a business or organisation who want to know and will take action.
  • To ensure that business and organisations can reply.
  • To remove the concern of being identified.
  • To help ensure those who want a greater understanding of their operation are able to ask the questions.
  • To help employee's and stakeholders speak out without fear or embarrassment.
  • To demonstrate, promote and improve a more open and inclusive culture.

Why did we not know?

I thought they already knew about it.

I wanted to say something before but didn't know who to speak to.

I was concerned others would find out it was me.

I didn't want to fill out a survey.

I didn't like to say anything.

I tried to say something before but was ignored.

What is the point in saying anything, nobody seems interested.

I was concerned it might affect my job prospects.

I was concerned my health issue would be looked upon as a weakness.


If you would like to more about what we do and how we can help your business or organisation please contact us.


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