1) Can you assure me that I will remain anonymous?

Yes absolutely. We at YORSAY will have your details but these are not passed on to whoever you are sending a comment to.

2) What happens if I don't get a reply?

All the companies and organisations who use YORSAY want to improve communication with all who come into contact with it. We monitor on their behalf to ensure replies are sent, but if for whatever reason you haven't heard back please let us know

3) Will I be inundated with marketing emails?

No. This was always our concern too. As mentioned above your personal details are not sent to the business or organisation.

4) Why have Yorsay been asked to provide this service?

All business's and organisations have an interest in what people think of them, whether you are an employee, customer, supplier or member of the general public. They want to encourage people to come forward and let them know how they are performing with an aim of improving what they do.

5) How can I be sure my employer won't ask you for my details.

As part of the agreement between your employer and YORSAY, we do not pass on your details, although we do ask that anyone using YORSAY adheres to the basic Codes of Conduct.

6) How do I know my comment will be taken seriously?

Any business or organisation that uses YORSAY wants to hear from you. They care about what people think and how they affect the environment around them.

If you have a question that is not answered by any of the above please contact us by using the YORSAY page listed under companies at the top of the website or by using,

Telephone number: 01905 672773

Email: [email protected]

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