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YORSAY provides an anonymous email communication channel for business and organisations who want to encourage feedback from employee's, stakeholders or other interested parties.

YORSAY - Key Points

  • YORSAY provides business and organisations a go to destination for an employee or stakeholder who wants to ask a question, report something or has a general opinion.
  • All communication is anonymous, removing any concerns an individual may have of being identified.
  • The user does NOT subscribe to YORSAY.
  • The users personal details will NOT be forwarded.
  • The user WILL receive a reply.

The YORSAY Objective

Our objective is to encourage communication, to provide a simple way for employee's and stakeholders to speak out on issues important to them.

Steve Richardson

How does YORSAY work?

  • The employee / stakeholder is sent a link to the personalised company or organisation YORSAY page. This link can be used at any time.
  • The employee / stakeholder enters their email address and comment. This can now be sent.
  • NOTE: The employee's / stakeholders personal email address does not get forwarded. We need this information so that we can forward on the reply to them.
  • The employee / stakeholder will receive a confirmation email from YORSAY to say the message has been sent successfully and include a reference number.
  • The employee / stakeholder will receive a return message from the company or organisation.
  • A dialogue can then be continued using the YORSAY channel.

Speak to YORSAY

If you have a question, comment or observation with a business or organisation registered with YORSAY please go to their page from the drop down box 'Companies'

If you would like to more about what we do and how we can help your business or organisation please contact us.

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